Sunday, January 16, 2011

Things you have to know since you are dealing with others

1. Never send / share religious message that only shows your hypocrisy..
(come on, walk along the talk, buddy...)

2. Don't write anything in your status that mentions or insults another person.
(absolutely right.. preserve others dignity, and God will preserve yours..)

3. No one is "happy", 3 hours later "mad", 1 hour later "bored", then "sad" or "angry" etc. Go to a shrink or search for some professional help. Do not declare it publicly.
(this kind of people just need attention.. poor them)

4. If your girlfriend or boyfriend, wife or husband, cheats on you, or hurts you, [lease understand that no one is interested to know that you and your partner broke up and you are calling him/her a ******* retard.
(we are so busy with our own life.. save it for yourself..)

5. If you want to text someone so badly, respect his/her "Busy" status if its on. And people please don't try to act busy by putting on your so called "busy" status.

6. Don't change your nickname/ status, like 500 times a day. Its not cool anymore, it would just let everyone know how lifeless you are.
(you're certainly not impressed anybody... don't you have works to do??)

7. Please don't post anything that kind of "show-off" status, or your children etc... Remember, life is just like a wheel.. there's a lots of ups and downs..
(poor them.. they just need attention.. )

8. If you are so much in love with someone, please communicate only between you and your partner.. You definitely know to whom you should send the message to..
("Darling.. I can't live without you.. you mean the world to me.. I'm so thankful that I found you.. that's why i love you..."... Owh My God.. )

9. Stop broadcasting the match scores. We own a TV, Astro, and now Celcom, Maxis, Digi provide the services too. Thank you.
(No comment... they just over excited.. maybe)

Well.. that's about it.. It is so annoying.. I have to admit that maybe i have posted those kind of messages / status before.. But now i have learned..

I love this quote from the best blog I ever read..

"Some rats just need to be shown the way out"

Thanx SAS

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Anonymous said...

I'm introvert, and rarely express myself to public. That's include facebook. Kind of annoyed with extrovert people who posted their feeling everydays and couldn't agree more with the whole idea that you brought about them.