Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jauh Sudah Perjalanan...

Back in the day, when I was in diploma, I thought it is easy to complete another chapter of my life as degree student. Now it’s already a month I in the final semester for the final year. Just another 3 to 4 month I’m going to complete my bachelor (honors). It’s too short..seriously. I still remember the day I registered myself as a diploma student 5 years ago. It’s on July 2006. My first impression was so wrong. Being a university student only take you and your effort in doing thing. I was wrong! I have learnt so many things about life. Life is all about uncertain. Yes, it’s true. When I was in part 1 diploma, I always kept myself mingle around with so many people, I mean all my friends. Starting from that, I have learnt about the way on how to treat people in a different way. The first people who furnished me a good lesson were my roommates when I was in Malinja kolej so-called zoo Linja, UiTM Kedah. What can I sum up here is the way we dealing with people to win over their heart. When I was in that site, it is so hard to make them to trust us and vice versa.

bila tengok balik gambar masa diploma, gelak guling2..

And later, when I was in part 3 diploma, I have been criticized badly by my lecturer when I was presenting Malaysia’s Studies-current issue regarding New Economic Policy. It so easy for me to explain about this policy because I am so fervent looking for any information. But, it becomes nastiest when I attempted to play safe with the presentation. I just explained the easiest part which is the objective of the policy. When I finish my speech, my lecturer told me “firdaus, I know you can do better than this, what is your hitch in doing so?” Starting from that part, I have rammed myself to be better.

ni la baby first aku, dari pagi ke pagi tompang tido atas tilam aku...comel kan?

aku pegi kelas, dia sambung tido...

Another diploma story, when I was in part 4, I still remember when my coordinator program make an announcement in Dewan Sarjana that I was short listed to be the candidate for the club general election. When the poll day comes, I saw so many flyers in around the Court Yard. Till come to the result, I have voted as top 3 among 18 candidates from the faculty and I have been appointed as Special Task Exco for two semester and High Committee as for the final semester. Starting from that, I have involved in so many faculty activities such as Project Manager for academic camp, Assistant Project Manager for Dipac’s Day Premier Show. Assistant Project Manager for Diploma in Public Administration Club’s election. Treasurer 1: Diploma in Public Administration Club. Exco of Asean, Asean Day: 1 Vision, Identity and Community. Academic Exco and Special Task Exco for Fakulti Sains Pentadbiran & Pengajian Polisi: FSPPP’s. There are lots of activities that I have participated and it gave me so many experiences.

muka terlalu adik2..

But, the most worst part as diploma student was, I have been involved in so many silly and wasted activities such as fighting with the lecturer (only once), get a warrant from the university for playing Mercun Bola in the hostel (it was on the night of my birthday for 18 years old, so sad!)…and….The bad thing is, I have been stabbed so many times! Yes, so many times! And the reason why it is easy for me to embark upon any issues when people try to cast me down is I have a lot of experience which gave me a good lesson of being stiff and retentive.

kesah budak nakal kene panggil dengan che gu besar...

dinner fakulti, first time pakaian from top to tow ditaja...

esok kembali terbang ke Kolumpur..

berehat seminggu dirumah...

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