Thursday, March 4, 2010

Becoming a Singer

Today is a submission day for the Multimedia (CSC) project which consist of 15% course mark. I'm so busy lately due to many things to be done. So, i just follow the flow even things does not take place accordingly as i wished. aha, it doesn't matter. i have came out with a very nice cover album, as my lecturer approved it easily.

The title for this album is "Persembahan Jiwa"

I asked everyone which one is the most nice

here are the results:

Huh i just can't believe it, i can do it even i'm so silly in using Photoshop software. when i present this album to my friends, they told me it is not nice, my lecturer told me the same thing. huh so F**k up with that.

Ok this is the second album created as my alternative. My lecturer told me it was nice, but there are some elements that i have to add up. Yeah i know it is nice, but due to my laziness, i have no choice, i have to work it out. but my lappy just like moron! problems occurred at all times. so, i just do nothing.

This is the last album, everyone told me that this is the most nice and creative album as compared to both above. my lecturer told me, " I think you should proceed with this album, no need to make an alteration anymore. this one should be nice. just make it as hard copy then you may submit to me".

Here I would like to thanks to all friends who help me in completing this album. A million thanks to En. Kam for lending me your hand in making this very nice cover album. really appreciate it!! May Allah bless you...

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