Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Social Networking

The moment i post this entry, its already two weeks I have deleted my social networking with strangers. what i mean here is all about my facebook account. I am so tired in answering a moronic question which comes from those people whom i believe not so "clever" in doing a significant with others. people (not at all) nowadays, choose to develop the relationship without knowing the person's bright and dark side at the first place. They tend to develop this kind relationship just because of the imagination of having contentment for a short term period. here are some of the silly questions which I believe not suppose to happen while facebook-ing

1) hye, thanx for the approval. nice to know you! from where you come from?

for this kind of question, i will just ignore it. it is because, at the info side has already been stated every information about me including the personal particular etc. why you have to ask me again? don't you read first about my information before you choose to add me as your friend?

2) It seems like you are currently having a crisis. may i know why?

huh, i am sort of people whom i believe discreet enough in any matter.
sometimes i choosed to answer them just like "so-so". Is it important to us to know other's problems? don't say that you are concern about others problem since you never know what kind of friendship you have at that moment.

3) May i have your mobile number?

huh, shit! this is the most hatred part.!!

4) shall we go for a date?

Sorry, it takes so long for me to hang out with people whom I claimed as social network friends. i I don't have a reason why should i go for a date with strangers.

5) do you have YM? let's cam to cam...

huh, for what reasons you asked me my Yahoo Messenger ID? If I'm going to give you, it just a matter of having a chatting. Not more than that. for the C2C? sorry, I'm not going to sell face there.

6) It seems like Facebook become bored nowadays, don't you think it just waste your time?

hah, that's the reason why i have deleted my Fb last two weeks!!