Monday, August 30, 2010

Apa Kau Tau?

As usual, when it comes to august, everyone become aware of country’s anniversary. Emm, I’m not going to talk or to write about our independence at all. It such a taboo issues for those people who are not appreciate the exertion of the old folks before. The issues here are referring to the narrow mindset of our people.

1- For the past three years, when I got an opportunity to further my studies in higher learning institution (UiTM), everyone around me especially the typical pakcik and makcik kampung try to oppose my decision to commit for it. The reason is, it’s better to look for a job, and then earn money and live happily. But, for me it such a looser for those people who have that kind of thinking. Even our prophet Muhamad also asked us, especially the Muslim to gain the knowledge.

2- When I have reached the age of 21 in the last October, I was asked by one of the government servant (SPR) whom I met in shopping mall to register as a voter for the next General Election. But, I refused to do so. Then I asked him spontaneously, why he is so exaggerate to influence me to register my name? He answered me directly, “the more people registered under my name, the more money I will earn”. Hmm, I’m so upset with this fucking moron guy. You know what, even I’m not going to resister my name as a voter, I still have a good patriotism guts in me. Before I left that guy, I told him something harshly, “Lebih baik tidak mendaftar sebagai pengundi jika dibandingkan dengan sampah-sampah diluar sana yang mudah menjual maruah negara dengan harga yang murah!!”

3- For the current situation, it is hard for us to see the young people to really understand what independence is meant for them. Yes it’s right they are the third generation (generation Y) including me who were born in the late 0f 90s onwards. What makes us differ in our views of our country history? Can you see how many of them really understand the meaning of independence instead of waiting for 12 and shout it loudly as an expression of their pride for our independence? How many of them are able to compete with other races in every single thing, the education, economic, sports, social integrity and what else. Does our history teach us to be worse?

4- Another thing is about political system in our country. Yes I can consider that our country is developing in term of its political. I have learnt about Government and Politic for over than 4 years since I entered into UiTM and taking Policy studies until now. My colleague and I have frequently argued about the changes of the political system in our country. I’m not going to be races here, what I try to convey here is about the unity among the Malays nowadays. Hmm, as a student, we are prohibited to interfere for any political issues. Why not student be given such a way to express their opinion about politic? They are academicians too, am I right?

Jangan salahkan Tun M. kalau melayu jadi penumpang kat negara sendiri.

happy 53rd anniversary Malaysia!!


Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

Aku tau banyaaaaaaaaaak. Tapi disebabkan everybody got their own opinion, I decided not to argue :)

Selamat Memerdekakan diri.

Ahmad Firdaus @ Yau said...

haha thanx for the nice excuse. :-)

dan ko jugak, selamat memerdekakan diri dari peritnya cinta.. hehe