Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Just you!

Life is complicated – If YOU say so!!
Life is easy – If YOU say so!!

Love is like War – Easy come, hard to let go!!

I learned three main things about life;

1. If you are arrogant – more people will like you!!
2. If you are kind – people take advantage of you!!
3. If you love someone – people play games with you!!

Therefore always play your safety zone – first and foremost to protect your own feeling, cause in the end you will end up getting hurt…

Life is too short to be bitter, and hat rage belongs to the past. If you can’t move on or put things behind you, you will never recover, and your heart will be lost until you find yourself again.

Sometimes we have to kick our friend’s ass for them to wake up!! Sometimes we have to realize rejection is not the end of the world, but an opening to being accepted by someone more unique.

People love us for who we are, we are funny, creative, crazy, outrageous, lively, bold & beautiful. don’t let it change by being arrogant.!

As for all of the Stuck up and arrogant guys/girls out there!! If you are that type of people, because you have a great body or good looks, you got it all wrong. In the end you will get old and looks don’t matter that much anymore. Be humble when you should, and strong when you have too!!

Look yourself in the mirror and see your soul, not the appearance, then if you see a beautiful soul, then you got it right!!

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