Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Hidden Love

for some people, the best way of telling others about the feeling inside is just to admit and confess to the person you love. then, is up to the person either to accept or just to ignore it. love, the greatest feeling that ever occurred to the human being. it can be the medicine for some people or else it might be the painful thing in life time. holding a hidden love in ourselves such a greatest burden as we have no other means instead of keeping it silently without others knowledge.

love can be the reason why some people lose their wise mind and try to commit suicide. love can be something that is beyond our expectation. we willing to do the things which is out of our capabilities.

"a hidden love", is something that we kept in mind and we cannot express the feeling inside. it's painful right? even we keep saying that we hate that person, we can live in our own way without that person, but the reality is, we only see our loved ones and it is the only thing we could do. it is the sick part of our heart actually.there are so many words we cannot say. when we look into the person's eyes, maybe he/she will reject us and shelter all of our pride.

for me, there is way too much behind my smile that i can never show. knowing that the person i love too much taken by others. oh it such a fucker poignant, i never thought i would feel this way. i never thought i would cared. there is something in that smile that makes me stop and stare. i don't want to even risk it or even try for if that someone knew i felt this way, i would feel insecure and shy..

i still remember my brother' SAS quotation, "sometimes i just choose to get hurt and to be hurt because this hurtful will bring unexplainable strength at the end of it".

separuh jiwaku pergi, benar ku mencintaimu tapi tak begini,kau main hati dengan sadarmu, kau khianati hati ini, kau curangi aku, kau bilang tak pernah bahagia selama dengan aku like Anang say in his song. i should have listen to this song long before.

even till now, i put so muchhhhh hopes that the person which i call "a hidden love" could hold my hand and say I heart You.

You in my life
Will live eternally
I knew the first night we met
You were meant for me.

::that person is only the one and it was the first and the last love i have before::

adore you!!

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