Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sweet December

Sometimes, people do not realize how amazing life are. for every seconds we breath, every minutes we spent, every hours gone, we just can't imagine how it lives our life. it comes to my mind why should i create this blog? the reasons are:

I do realize that my life has become more meaningful lately because of "someone" who really cares and love comes and grabbed my heart.!

For the rest of my life, this is actually the first time i have someone special in my heart. this Sweet December is no longer be the same bored semester breaks like before,why? because every second of mine is like heaven!

Yet to know, i have deleted my previous blog because it was like a nightmare.! i throw out all of my memories there. for those people who had read it before, i just wanna say thanks!

This is the Sweet December for me. after 21 years avoiding myself from falling in love, at last i have to admit that i have to surrender form this puzzle games. 1st December 2009 is the most happiest day of mine! i have been approached by "Someone" and officially declared as couple. without experience and preparation, this love teaches me how to appreciate someone.!

When we're in love, we could be the other person. I'm not saying that i am pretender. what I'm gonna say is, we'll do anything just because of love! in a simple word we call it as "sacrifice". you know why? you may do anything even it opposite of your believes! then you'll see how precious your life are especially when you do the right things just to show how great your love is!

Its difficult for me translate what's come in my mind into words. I just hope it will be the greatest moments for me as i revealing the best thing of my life.!

P/s: To my "SOMEONE", i just want you to know that you are everything for me.!
you're like a God's gift which i won't ever leave!!
I love U so much!!


Anonymous said...

fall in love with someone..interesting..whose the lucky person..???

Ahmad Firdaus @ Yau said...

farah thanx for the comment.

anyway, it difficult for me to tell u who is that lucky person..

ahaha, u know me ryte?

never fall in love, so i have to keep it secret..