Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A lovable year

2009, just like a sweet dream

Should I believe it as a nightmare?

I don’t know…

By the way, 2009 gave me 1001 experiences, memories and lessons.

It such a great year of mine,


It seems like a long journey that I have taken.

I become elder, does it make me mature enough?

Doh, age is about number, mature is about thinking and the way u reacts.

Who cares?

Well, when thinking about the age, it suddenly reminds me about my childhood memories.

I still remember when my teacher asked me what I gonna be within 10 years,

My answer just like moron…

In a simple word, I told him I never have an ambition,

What I gonna be is what I wanna do.

Aha, it silly enough…

I should be thankful,

I have achieved lot of things…

1)I’m graduated in the middle of this year. Yuhuu, I got my Diploma already. I am diploma holder now!

2)M y convocation was held in a day before my birthday! It such a present for me!

3)I got an opportunity to further my study in Degree level. One step ahead to achieve the prosperity.

4)I got Dean List for the second times! Both in this year!

5)I have learned the value of friendship. A special thank to Firdaus Hamzah aka Chandramuki, Ahmad Fairus Awang aka Apai Ayam and Mahadir Ladisma @awis aka Along for being part of my life. You guy such a good friends!

6)I have my lover! It is a precious thing in my life! After 21 years avoiding myself from being love, at last, I found the right person at the right time and the right moment. It such a God’s gift. Thank my dear! Thanks for your love.

Are these all?

Haha, for sure no. if I gonna put them all here, I’m sure it will be lengthen.
Anywhere, these are the things I won’t forget ever!

Thanks 2009…
Hello 2010…


Anonymous said...

wow!! num 6 cam interesting je....
sapekah itu? tenenenene~

Ahmad Firdaus @ Yau said...

hehe..no 6?
haa secret tuh...kalo dak, kene bahan nanti dalam klas...xmow2...

Anonymous said...

Wish you, best of luck in your study and life..
Never give up until the endless road..