Monday, February 22, 2010

Second Half

Mid semester break is already passed. now is the crucial time to focus on my study.
I'm not really sure either I can really focus on my study since there are lot of things to do while the examination take place soon. I only have another seven or eight weeks to go to ensure i can really ready to seat for the exam. with lot of tests, quizzes, projects and presentation, i hope it will be done successfully. For my facebook, i already switch off the account for a while to focus on my study. I wish I could get Dean List again for the second time. i rally eager to get it!! I put an extra efforts on it, but all is depends on God's fate. I do believe that effort is a good way to pursue our ambitions, but there are many things might be the constraints, even we have tried our best, but sometimes god is testing us on something unpredicted. who knows? maybe one day if we failed to get what we desired, then we will be totally down. then others will laugh at us since we are not as good as before. for me, its none of their business to know how we struggling on it.

I do hope that this semester will be easier for me even the subjects taken is quite difficult. with the supports from the family, friends, pal, and someone who really close, i wish everything will be run smoothly. may these supports will boost my spirit to be a better man and get a good result soon.

And you lover, I really appreciate on the supports you gave me. I will try my best on it. even we are far away each other, I hope that this love will be longer. Don't let me down. thank you for everything dear.

Budak Baik nak Bace buku... Ching!!


Anonymous said...

ko mesti bleh punye...good luck!!!

Ahmad Firdaus @ Yau said...

ahah time kaseh bebanyak sang anonymous...