Saturday, February 6, 2010

Andai itu takdirnya

Andai Itu Takdirnya by Siti Rosmizah

another 25 chapters to go. huhu, since i fell in love with someone, i try to really understand what love is. for time being, I enjoying myself to read one of the novel suggested by my friends, Andai itu takdirnya. now i have reached to the climax of the story. huh it sad enough! this story is about love destiny of a pretty lady who fated to fall in love with a guy who never appreciate her existence. even though she's only an ordinary people namely Aleeya who get married to this rich guy (Syed Adam Aizril) without her desire, but she has to do so, it is because of her foe who threaten her badly by framing her intentionally just because to achieve his bad intention. i would suggest this novel to whom it may concerned especially to learn what love is all about.

my friends told me, i will cry while i reading this novel. that's the reason i eager to know what this story is about. well, i'm not doing so. aha, but this novel teaches me on how to appreciate people who love you before its too late to do so. this is a good novel i never seen. anyway, thanks to those who lend me this novel...

nice quote: kemaafan yang diberi tidak sama sekali menjadikan saya lupa akan kedudukan diri saya ini. saya tidak boleh membuang pangkat itu ketepi hanya kerana kesalahan yang pernah dibuat pada saya.

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