Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mungkinkah aku diberi kesempatan itu...

I never thought the day would come where you would get up and run. Never thought that I would be alone. I didn't hope you would be gone this long. I want me and you to work it out. I never wished that I would hurt you again. And its driving me crazy because I'm So crazy on you.

What is the problem with me? sometimes i feel so happy, but most of times feel nothing. its mingling. do i have to play around with this sincere heart? something that makes me wonder when people do not like me the most when i need them. i know I'm not a good person. could you give me at least more than half of your heart? show me the meaning of love. Do take a good care of me. bring me to your life. bring me your soul. give me your heart. give me your attention. give me at least a chance to be with you forever. Please, i beg you... I really need you...Don' let me be alone... I damnly love you!!! yes, i do!!!

Untuk kamu...

Ucapkanlah kasih..
Satu kata yang kunantikan
Sebab ku tak mampu membaca matamu
Mendengar bisikmu

Nyanyikanlah kasih..
Senandung kata hatimu
Sebab ku tak sanggup mengartikan getar ini
Sebab ku meragu pada dirimu

Mengapa berat ungkapkan cinta
Padahal ia ada
Dalam rinai hujan, dalam terang bulan
Juga dalam sedu sedan

Mengapa sulit mengaku cinta
Padahal yang terasa
Dalam rindu dendam, hening malam
Cinta.. terasa ada…

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