Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I Do Realize One Year Is Not Suffice to Heal The Broken Heart. It Takes Longer Than What I Thought...

1. How frequently do you think of your ex?

all the time, i can't get them out of my head

2. If you ran into him or her, how would it make you feel?*

My heart would race, but i would feel sad and uncomfortable

3. When there is exciting news, I…

Fight the temptation to call my ex

4. Imagine your perfect date. Who are you with?

I can't even Imagine dating right now

5. Were lies, deceit, or betrayal involved in your break-up?

Yes, she/he lied about multiple things in our relationship

6. Will you get back together with your ex?

NO, but i wish we would

7. Which of these best describes how you feel about your ex?

Mixed emotions

8. Are you still friends?

sometimes, rarely

9. If your ex wanted to get back together, you’d think…

I'm not sure...

10. Who broke off the relationship?

My ex...

11. What was the length of your relationship?

Less than 6 month

12. What was your relationship type?

Not sure or so-called complicated

13. What’s your greatest strength?


14. Which best describes your wish right now?

My wish is to heal this PAIN and feel like myself again..

Your Results…

We’ve tabulated your survey answers. Read your evaluation in full with recommendations below. seems you fall into a category called “Emptiness”, a pretty high category of pain. I understand this is an extremely difficult time, but there is still hope for you to feel better – and soon. Below is your initial evaluation that I wanted to share with you.

1 – You are suffering from Emptiness. Your mind, body, and heart are basically saying to you, “Hey, what’s the point of any of this without him or her?” The reason it is so painful is that more than loneliness, you are feeling emptiness.

2 – You are experiencing the Reminder Syndrome. You may not be able to get your ex, the break, up and the pain out of your mind for more than a few minutes at a time. There are subconscious triggers of your ex everywhere including songs, smells, objects, and much more.

3 – Negative thoughts - you can’t seem to shake them. Why did this happen (again)? I’m never going to meet anyone. The thought of dating again makes me want to vomit. Don’t worry, you are not alone and there is a simple and powerful method to combat these thoughts.

4 – Loss of a possible soulmate. It seems that you believe that you have lost the person that was the one for you. The one you had been waiting for, the person that made you whole, that made you who you are and wanted to be. I want to tell you that even in this situation, it is possible to heal, to have hope, and to live a vibrant life again.

You will understand why this happened and how this will lead to a better, brighter future.

You will learn the real fixes to the pain of the loneliness.

You will create a path to a new future that is better than the one I had originally imagined.

I know this sounds inconceivable. I found the path from lost love back to the fire of life once again.

Here is the truth: Love isn’t what hurts. It’s losing love that’s excruciating.

Inside, you are torn apart:

• You feel as if you will never meet anyone else
• You are scared to death that you will grow old alone
• You are too frightened to ever open up your heart to love anyone else
• You don’t see a point in going on with your life


pak9 said...

dey yau. post hg kali ni rasa cam sama ngan aku ja wahahahahahaha!!

Ahmad Firdaus @ Yau said...

pak9...aku x tiru hang pon..mungkin hang pon tengah kecewa terokk cam aku..haha