Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Worst I Ever Had

i have gone through so many unbearable pains lately. it is not easy for me to face all those fucking things happened. i do believe God is testing me right now, but it is too hard even others might not be able to do so.

for current, i have to take the medicine about 20 tablets in a day. its ponstan and antibiotic. what kind of ill it is? it was an internal bleeding caused by the infection in my body. huh, and for now, i couldn't hear any sounds because my right ears was dysfunction. my eyes get blurred and i couldn't see things clearly.

i went to the general hospital yesterday and the MA advised me not to take the examination and gave me a leave about 5 days. i am so sad. i have no one to take care of me in here because my housemates already in their study leave. i was crying when i was in the examination hall today. i can answer all the questions perfectly but I couldn't bear the pain inside. i was crying over and over again until the invigilator asked me to leave the examination hall earlier as i have completed in answering the questions. i know i can perform better than what i have done just now. it just a matter of being patient.

thankfully, i have a very nice and inspires friends who encouraged me to be strong. thank everyone...

"A great person comes with a great responsibility"

"No pain, no gain!"

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