Saturday, November 27, 2010

This is The Reason Why It's Difficult to Change...

I was in the middle when i am facing the old folks who always keep talking about money and education. i was flustered to choose either keep on working with studies or looking for any vacancies. I do believe that education never dies and it such a tool to prevent poverty among us, especially among the rural and lower income in the masses. i am strongly agree that the only way which dropped the level of living among our people is because they are lacking of education! I'm not going to be prejudice or stereotype in here, but, this is the fact. for this modern life, the only way to lead yourself to the betterment is by having education.

can you imagine the condition that i was facing yesterday when i was talking to my neighbor (not really neighbor next to my home). he asked me some silly questions, why should i pursuing my studies since i already have my diploma. then i answered him politely and in a simple way. My knowledge is just like a drop of water in a vast sea. then he smile.

after minute, he asked me again. Do you believe by having education will guarantee you to have a good life and work? i answered him again in a professional way, some people say, a good life and work determine by God's fate, and it supported by your efforts. there are people who gained a good education but failed to obtain a good work just because they were lacking of interpersonal skills which differentiate them with others. it depends on how you lead yourself to public. the rest, let's God to decide then.

later, he make a cynical face on me and i wonder something weird. he told me, if his son given chances to pursue his studies in any higher institution, he will not allowed them to do so. huh, what a f*** mindset that he has.? i don't give you a shit! this is what we call an orthodox mindset for some people in this least developing country to become the first world nation! whatever it is, a dirty shoe comes from the dirty place...

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