Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Jangan pernah Mengalah...

today, is the last day in melaka before turning back to my hometown. i should be in KL by yesterday but unable to do so as planned. it just because god fated me to be in kl just only for one day which is on hari Raya and then i'm heading to kedah on the next day after Raya.

yesterday, i was warded in melaka general hospital for half day. at first, i thought it was okay just only to have the medicine i took from UiTM clinic. but suddenly, early predawn, i realize whimsical things happened to my right ears. so, i decided to go to the hospital alone by riding my housemate's motorcycle. when i reached the hospital, they brought me to the emergency and trauma room. at that moment, I keep shouting when the MA did something to my ears. i don't know what kind of treatment they gave me. and later the doctor gave me twice injections and i became sleepy and did not know what actually happened at that time. the injection makes me drowsy. when i open my eyes, its morning already. i don't give any notification to anyone as i thought its only give a burden to them, including my family.

the first person i gave a call was my bestfriend, Firdaus Hamzah. i was crying when i talk to him. i don't have anyone who can really understands my condition at that moment. for current, I'm in the good condition and the pain reduced already. the doc prepared me a reference latter and i need to display it in KL general Hospital as my case had been transferred to the specialist in there. i am currently packaging my stuffs because am going back to Kl by tomorrow evening.

okay just forget about it. i would like to sum up about my journey on this semester. i think, this is the most terrible semester for me as i have gone through it badly.

firstly, i am so surprised during the faculty dinner. i didn't go to the dinner actually, but my friends aka my classmate told me i was nominated in one of the awards given by the faculty. it was, Anugerah Tokoh Ilmiah. it just a nominee, but the award given to my batch mate because her performance was higher than me..suck!

another thing is, this is the last semester for me to have a nice and really precious memories with my housemates. they were already finished their studies and will be going to start their internship program. i am so sad because by next semester i have to live with my junior which i think they are quite childish in term of their behavior, attitude and the way they respects the older. but, it doesn't matter for me because its only for one semester before i am going to complete my degree. yeah!

i was appointed as secretary for the Kempen Keselamatan Jalan Raya in RnR Ayer Keroh which was be held in the mid of the semester. this is the most terrible position since i have involving myself in curricular activities when i was in diploma. i hate it when i have to face with lot of human's behavior. controlling human behavior is difficult rather than controlling my money! hah... i'm done with that!

and for this semester, i got lot of presents from my friends for my birthday! hehe i really enjoy it. my birthday present was rock! i got Forrero roche, Jersey, Mug, wishes card, Watches, Perfume and the best thing is, my roomates was dancing in front of me spontaneously while dedicating the birthday song. thank everyone!

there are too many things which comes to my mind to throw it in here. but, i have no idea what i am going to talk about. later i'll update much more...

and this one im dedicating for someone who really special for me.
if u read this, you have to know something....

sayang kamu! for real!!

with love, Yau...

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