Friday, July 2, 2010


Staying at home without any activity makes me become bored. supposedly i have to pack all the stuffs and going back to Melaka by tomorrow because the class will begin soon, but i changed my plan suddenly. while waiting for the buss to pick me up to go to Langkawi, i wrote this as it come to my mind that nothing will be last as people never appreciate what they hold.

You know the situation, you give your heart, mind, body and spirit to another, hoping that they will treat you the way that you feel that you deserve. But they never do. Instead, you get the scraps. They love you just enough to keep themselves happy and you keep waiting for more.
Only one day you wake up and decide that you want to make yourself happy. You take back your love and give it to yourself.

And now that person wants you bad. Only your feelings have genuinely changed. You begin to wonder what was wrong with you for being so giving to someone so selfish. You even thank your lucky stars that that person didn't do right because now you are free to be happy, even if it means being alone.

So why do those people act like you have done something WRONG by moving on? They obviously didn't appreciate you when you were offering yourself. Is their "love" even true? Or is it the rantings of a sore loser that realizes that his or her chance is gone?

Langkawi... wait for me..Justify Full

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iszieylyanziy said...

chill,,klu nk pk bnda tu,,my smpi pg x abes,,hoho,,,,enjoy p lgkwi ye,,,ngee