Thursday, July 22, 2010

Do you still remember?

It was two month I kept isolating myself and be alive in the dark side. I disregard everything surrounding me. And for this dawn, I woke up late and missed about two classes. Huh suddenly I am so eager to look into the old messages in my cell phone and found this particular statement in my outbox. And it makes me upset the whole day…huh

i just want to say that i'm sorry.
i know that i always make you cry because of me,
i dont mean to hurt you and your feelings,
i already promise that i will never ever let you go,
i love you so much Daus...

27 december 2009
1:43 Am

::i know you love me enough to let me go::


iszieylyanziy said...

just keep trying to forget about it...atleast xde la sdey klu ingt,,,kn,,huhu

Anonymous said...

la..better erase all the memories kot..t ko teringiang2 je..suffer gile..buat ape nk ingt the past yg menyakitkn..? ko saja nk sakitkn diri sendiri..sedangkn org lain cuba nk cure ko..? can u see that..? or u just see ur self..?

as i read back all ur posts..i think u just hurting urself even more..


Ahmad Firdaus @ Yau said...


it is not easy to forget..now i try to accept the process. i can be really strong and it's still going to hurt. The process takes time and i have to accept that. i can't hope to forget in 4 days someone i loved for 4 month...and i can't pretend to be strong if i feel like crying.

mr kerek:

Romantic relationships
can be really complicated and end up in a bad breakup. The worst thing about these "sad endings" is that at least one heart ends up broken. Getting over a break up can be tough. Mending a broken heart takes time and patience.

It doesn't matter if you think you shouldn't have become that involved with that person or if you're angry and looking for revenge. The fact is: my heart is broken!

how could i forget someone i loved who pretend that this is going to be alright by leaving me???

leave me without any sympathy and just let me go and broken all the promises before...hmm..so sad...