Monday, April 26, 2010


sometimes i wonder,
why people always loving each other,
when they know that they'll hating each other

sometimes i wonder,
why people always calling their self a lover,
when they'll always hurting each other

sometimes i wonder,
why people always trusting each other,
when they'll always lying to each other
and sometimes i wonder,

what is LOVE without loving..?
what is LOVE without hating..?
what is LOVE without hurting..?
what is LOVE without trusting..?
and what is LOVE without lying..?

I miss you each day in my life
I miss you each time you leave

I miss you each time you say goodbye
I miss everything about you
I miss your smile and your laughter
I miss your tender touch of humor
I miss your gentleness and kindness
I miss you when you leave my sight

I miss you all the time I miss you when you're so far away
I miss you with all my heart
I miss you in my thoughts
I miss you at my side I miss looking at your eyes!!

If my tears could talk, What would they display? Thousands of words, Not difficult to say. They'd whisper, I'm Sorry! When I am wrong and you are right. They'd scream, I'm Scared!

When I'm all alone in the middle of the night. They do talk, But they reveal too much. They're not hidden Just wiped away by your gentle touch. They'd exclaim, "I'm Happy!"

Whenever you're around They'd sigh, I'm Sad! When I'm feeling down. They do talk, Won't you listen? You just might find What you've been missin'! They'd reply, I'm Lonely! When I'm thinking of you.

Is it too late for you to see That my tears cry out "I Love You! They do talk But you can't hear A single word they'd say.
If only you could read a tear Instead of wiping it away!
Penat terhegeh-hegeh kerana itu yang terbaik dan hanya inginkan yang terbaik.
Luka sepanjang tempoh mengemis?
Terbayar dengan pengalaman dan kegembiraan yang direka sendiri untuk menyedapkan hati...

i really MISS you..


Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

aiye..... tangisan dan air mata dah sebati sangat dalam ceritera ko nie...

But don't do anything rash. Keep on living and wait for that ONE if you want.

But do not destroy your own life, eh?

Ahmad Firdaus @ Yau said...

like i said, if my tears could talk, wat it would be?

huh...only me know the depth meaning of everything...

yeah sure, i'll wait for the ONE...

losing that ONE is the only way to destroy my life...

Anonymous said...

jangan lah menangis lagi..keringkanlah airmata mu itu wahai sahabat..

tiada gunanya titisan airmata itu jika orang tersebut tidak pernah hargai walau sejenak...

percayalah bahawa tuhan itu maha adail..

apa yang kamu rasa sekarang ni, akan dia rasa kelak dari orang yang dia sayang. mungkin dia akan terima lagi pahit dari apa yang kamu rasa...

KARMA itu pasti akan terjadi..

what goes around comes around..

biar masa yang menentukan...

cuma, kamu tabahkan sedikit hati untuk lalui keadaan yang terlalu rumit tu..kelak kemanisannya akan tiba, percayalah.

kuatlah wahai sahabatku...


Ahmad Firdaus @ Yau said...


anyway thanx for ur adivce even i dont really know who u are..

emmm, memang keadaan terlalu rumit..x penah pulak terima tamparan yang sehebat ni..apa pun, biarkan je la semua tu, die x bersalah pun dalam hal ni...


xpe la, x baik dendam2 ni..nanti x senang plak hidop...

macam yang saya kata, dia x bersalah...

biar je la masa yang tentukan walaupun terlalu sakit nak lalui semua ni...

cuma xtau mcm mana nak hilangkan rasa rindu yang selalu hadir...kerana dia x pernah kisah pun semua tuh..


burn said...

love is hard to predict,,,every time we in lonely,that always been love..some of us can manage their love until the day of sweetest day(married) but some of us maybe fail..and because of the failure doest mean we should stop looking..God have made we are in pair,,ever thing happen must be decided by him(ALLAH)...

p/s : sometime love need sacrifices

Ahmad Firdaus @ Yau said...

nice quote burn!

yeah, some people might failed like me.. :-)

huhu, but i totally prohibited myself looking for others..no more...dont want anymore..dat was d first and last..blueekk...

x mau dah!!!!