Monday, May 31, 2010

First Day of Each Month...

Being a man is not as easy as life goes on. As it look as a compilation of many things, being a person who has a high responsibility for family, for love one, our self and other people concerned. Have you ever think why you should bear all these responsibilities? A man can be everything, it depends on how you guide yourself. For those people who have the answer might say yes, this is life, we have no choice and we have to go for it. But, how about other people who are perplexing with times, believes and themselves? Have it ever crossed your mind on how much efforts you contribute to others and how much appreciation you earned at the end?

It is not something about being selfish, it’s about self-interest. You might not be selfish as claimed by others, but u turned to be self-interest for your own best and self-actualization. People say, we do something because we look for the benefit, the old folks might say so, teen might say so, but my heart says otherwise. It was a mistake being a man who is good enough because “good enough” will never good enough. I have just finished a distressing reminiscence of mine, even it is not cease yet actually. I have gone through everything which gave me a huge lesson from a tiny mistake.

I still remember my friend’s quote when I met him in UM, he told me that life is unfair because we have no choice. But we still have a choice either to make it worst or better. Yup, it’s mingling in my minds why God testing us for something unbearable? But, it has its own answer for that. I am so tired of this life, tired of being a victim for other’s arrogant, why they always think that they are good enough and always at the right side instead of looking back to themselves? Life is about mirror, whatever you say to others are like you talk to yourself. The good you see in others, is in you too. The fault you see in others, are your fault as well.

Yesterday immediately after I read a Quran to give pleasure to my heart, I suddenly remember for those sins committed as I go through all this life. If we are able to see all those sins, definitely we will never reiterate more. But, this is life, we have been conditioned not to make mistakes, but I have broken the tradition in fulfilling the inner desire. What breed of desire is that? It is all about the needs of having contentment. Does it wrong when I say this is the way of my life? Being a person who are perplexing with the personality, people will strongly oppose the way I live my life, and I am too tired and fed up with people telling me to be someone else but me! You are not going to understand this fucking moron circumstances as you never face it before.

The Quran says,

sesekali tidak akan menimpa kami melainkan apa yang telah ditetapkan oleh Allah bagi kami. Dialah pelindung kami dan hanyalah kepada Allah orang-orang beriman harus bertawakal.

At-Taubah 9: 51.

The Bible says,

be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good

Romans, chapter 12 verse 21.

Do we have to revenge for all the ways people hurt our feeling? I would say NO! We made a decision to live on it, and we have to put up with the consequences. But I do believe that revenge is the best meal served cold. Am I right? You make your mind up then. I don’t care for those people who have an opposite opinion as I have mine, because life is all about choices. We do have our own choice either it will be worst or better…

People forgive, but they never forget the way you make them feels,

broken heart cannot be cured by herbs...

karena hati ini telah dilukai...


maximus alexius said...

don't be so sad.is not fair saying that life is unfair.but tell me, how u gonna deal with fate?

sometimes we can't get what we choose but Allah will give u strength in other way as in return. so don't u worry so much about that.

well,as we go back to the real path.Allah will loves u more.so live ur life.

Ahmad Firdaus @ Yau said...

yeah, thanx for the inspired words.!
i'm not going to fight the fate pal...
just live my life as what had been conditioned.

chill :-)

Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

Kucing ku nama Kiki. Kucing ku sangat comel. Dia sangat manja dan suka mengiau. Kiki buat saya gembira selalu.

Get a damn CAT to make yourself happy! (This message was brought to you by Biebie & Bubu Associates)

Senyum :)

Ahmad Firdaus @ Yau said...

waa..dah jadi associates dah skang..tahniah..

x suke kucing la..sebab banyak bulu, bek jaga jage ular, kuat melilit..wakaka..

always be happy without CAT..ahha...