Saturday, January 2, 2010

Human and attitude

Where the attitudes actually come from?
Suddenly I remember those philosophies that I have learned before.
It’s all about human attitude

The norms, routine that we are practicing daily is the source of our attitudes
From the attitude, then it will lead to our actions as an outcome


In a simple word,
Our action is actually depends on what we have learned and practiced before.
I do realize that my attitude is worst
I have to admit this

Upon reaching the second stage of life cycle,
I could see that my attitude always brought me to the dark side of my life.
Maybe it happened just because of my past experienced

I have been grown in incomplete family
Whatever happens to me, I have to face it alone
From the age of 9 days, I have been adopted by others and live with them.

Till the age of 18 years old, I have to leave this family since my adopted mother passed away in December 2006 and back to my biological family.
At that time, I feel so lonely.

Nobody cares about me.

For time being, I will try my best to change my attitude
When I have a problem, even a tiny problem, I could not manage myself to think wisely
Then I’ll leave it to others
As a result, people lost trust on me, it become worst when they refuse to forgive me.

It regularly happen to me
I’m damn stupid.

Why I never appreciate those people who are always be with me all the times?

Yea, it’s my bad attitude

I randomly asked my friends about my stance
Most of them say the same thing
One thing I have to change about myself is my attitude.

2010, I will not TRY to change my attitude,
But, I will make sure it’s totally change!!!

And it will be!!!

I will appreciate those people around me
I will manage myself to think wisely when the problem comes
I promise!!!

I made mistakes
And I have learned so much from that
Thank friends, because always be with me

A million thanks to Apai, Daus, Tini, Fiza for the advice given and for the friendship.

I really appreciate it

And billion thanks to my “someone” because you teach me on how to be strong

You are my inspiration.

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